Shootin' ... Cowboy style!
For nearly 20 years, we competed in a shooting discipline called Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS).  It's styled after the Old West, which means you get to dress up in cowboy attire reminiscent of the mid-to-late 19th century and shoot guns that are originals or replicas of that era (single action pistols, lever action rifles, and shotguns).  You shoot under an alias - Andy's is Huszar (Hungarian for horse soldier) and Susan's is Silver Dollar Sue.  It's not a money sport - there are no professional shooters, but if you win you do get a nice badge or plaque and Top Brags!  And you get to meet some great people.  You can visit the Single Action Shooting Society website at

While it's more recreational for us now, during the 1990's we were very involved in the sport and traveled all over the Western United States to compete in state, regional, national and world championships.  In 2004 we traveled to the Czech Republic to participate in the first European World Championships.  Andy took 1st place in his class, Susan took 2nd Ladies (missing 1st place because of a rifle jam!), and our son Matthew won Top Junior.  If you can't tell, we're the ones dressed in the American flag shirts!  Click here to read my article published with Shoot Magazine.

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Susan captured the 1996 Top Lady National and World Championship titles, and through the years won many competitions, consistently winning her class and placing in the top overall standings.
Silver Dollar Sue being presented a Colt pistol for winning Top Lady at End of Trail, the SASS World Championships (1996)
Andy is an NRA certified instructor and taught the New Shooters Clinic for The Cowboys gun club for many years.
Through age 15, our son Matt competed alongside us.  He has since moved on to hockey, motocross and snowboarding (and college!).  Here's a picture of him at Camp Pendleton shooting AR16s with the Marines, after we hosted a CAS exhibition shoot for their Family Days.