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We are not prolific breeders, having bred five litters to date, and will breed solely to get our next show prospect.  But let's be frank, it is a select few pups out of any "show" litter, no matter the litter size, that actually make it into the show ring to become a champion.  What happens with the other puppies?   They go to companion homes, of course.  Our feeling is that regardless of what the pup may look like, what the dog's role in life may be, or who may have the privilege of taking home a Bulldog puppy for a companion dog, we want each and every puppy to have the best possible start in life.  This begins with the nutrition and care of the mother before the pups are conceived and continues through the pregnancy and rearing of the litter.  But that is only the beginning ... throughout the course of their early physical growth and development, we try to maximize their mental and emotional development through various exercises and stimulation.
While temperament is fixed, personality can be molded to a degree with environmental, physical, mental and social stimuli. These activities are done with a single goal in mind:  to produce confident, inquisitive, socially stable puppies that easily transition into show or family life and become good canine citizens.
*  To help the dam with her milk production and facilitate human bonding and imprinting, we supplement
   the puppies by hand at each feeding with goats milk. 

*  Beginning on their third day of life, we begin the Early Neurological Stimulation program. 

*  A sound effects CD is played 24/7, beginning at age 4 1/2 weeks, to condition them to all manner of
  strange sounds - from a lion's roar, to guns shooting, to thunder booming, airplane and factory machinery
  sounds, fireworks, and musical intruments.

*  We use black plastic trash bags, tarps, and towels, waiving them over the puppies' heads, snapping them
  for the noise effects, and also use them as a "sled", etc., all carried out in the manner of games. 

*  Toys with unusual sounds and mechanics are provided to stimulate their curiosity, to challenge their
  intellect, and to promote good muscle tone and to develop physical coordination. 

*  Before going to their new homes, they are conditioned to crates and car rides, and taught to eliminate
  on potty pads.
We have several breedings planned for 2018 and early 2019.  If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us by email at, and we'll be happy to consider you for placement on our puppy list.

If you would like to see pictures of some past puppies we've bred, please click here.